Starless make up look.

The MakeUp was created to highlight the determination and concentration of Krystel.

The makeup is focused on a unique color, that is, violet to mark all the traits of the model, the eyes, the cheeks and the lips.

The only frivolity is the purple mascara applied on the lower lashes.

The skin is uniform and glows thanks toEstée Lauder Double Wear 16 Ecru. We opacified and fixed the foundation with Aveda Mineral Loose Powder.

The eye makeup is highly focused on the eye contouring.

Highlighted the upper eyelid with Estée Lauder Pure color intense Kajal EyeLiner, Blackened black eye pencil and the lower waterline withPure color intense Kajal EyeLiner, blackened plum, applied both inside and outside the upper eyelid.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow, cyber lilac was shaded on the eyelids and in the internal part of the above crease. Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow, cyber silver was faded on the rest of the eyelid and cyber lilac eyeshadow under the lower waterline.

Applied Suptuous Extreme Mascara Estée Lauder on the upper eyelashes to intensify the look and used the purple extreme violet mascara on the lower ones.

Highlighted the cheekbones applying Petal Essence Face Accents Aveda, plum touch blush under the cheekbone.

The lips have a defined trace using  Nourish-Mint™ Smoothing Lip Colors Aveda, 901 Tanzanite.

On the hands the nail polish Optima, 59 viola


Photo: Matteo Campanella
Make up: Melly
Stylist: Manu
Make Up Products: Estée Lauder, Aveda
Hair Style Products: Aveda
Model: Melly
Outfit: Albino
Pochette: Azzurra Gronchi
Bangle: Zahir Creazioni

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