Aveda Volumizing Tonic™ – volume for fine to medium hair.

Aveda Volumizing Tonic™ is a tonic with certified organic aloe and wheat amino acids to help give body and shine to hair. This formula contains a Pure-FumeTM aroma with essential oils.

This product hydrates hair and adds shine and is perfect for styling if you have thin and fragile hair.

Apply on wet hair by spraying directly onto the roots.
I use it after Pure Abundance shampoo and conditioner to give even more volume. After spraying it, massage skin slightly to better distribute the product and dry hair upside down.

The volume is assured and the hair remains soft and shiny.


Photos: Matteo Campanella

Aveda Pure Abundance™ More volume to your hair.

Do you have limp, thin, flat hair? Is your hair sensitive and fragile? Do you have problems styling your hair? Would you like more volume?

In this case, the more adequate products must nourish without making hair look heavy.

proposes for this hair type its Pure Abundance™ line made with organic acacia gum and kaolin clay.

Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Shampoo

Shampoo with a liquid consistency and a transparent yellow color. Its delicate scent with jasmine, certified organic peppermint palmarosa and ylang ylang is very pleasing. Hair looks more abundant and with more volume thanks to the plant-based formula boosted by certified organic acacia gum

Pour the shampoo on the palm of the hand adding some water to dilute and apply on hair massaging well the skin with the fingertips to reactivate microcirculation and taking care to clean well the length of the hair, massaging the hair ends.

Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Clay Conditioner

Many think that using a conditioner on thin hair is a mistake because makes hair heavier or in the case of long hair, that it is only needed on the hair ends. This conditioner was created to give even more volume to hair thanks to the blend of kaolin clay and certified organic acacia gum that lifts up and fills out hair. The scent is the same as the shampoo and the consistency is creamy. Apply from hair roots to hair ends to give more body to hair.

Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion

This product is magical. It is an innovative powdery formula that transforms in your hands into a lotion. Increases hair diameter and creates texture and volume. Its formula consists of certified organic acacia gum and kaolin clay. Apply it on wet or dry hair. The product can be applied on hands or directly sprinkled over hair and it is worked out until the powder is melted. Great ally to give hair more volume and absorbs grease in excess.

Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Hair Spray

Great ally for hair styling. Its formula consists of certified organic acacia gum that gives hair a fuller and thicker look. Used on dry hair and resistant to humidity, it dries rapidly. Apply on hair at a distance of 15-20 cm.

To give hair more volume use some tips.

Rinse hair for the last time with cold water to compact the cuticle that covers the shafts to make hair shiny. If water is very hard, substitute it with mineral water.

To get even more volume, dry hair with your head upside down. Use blow dryer with diffuser to distribute evenly heat and reduce the temperature of the air jet. The air jet should be directed from top to bottom to make cuticle more compact and appearance of the hair shinier and healthier.

A trick to increase the impression of volume is to dye hair using reflections and shades made ​​with care and in strategic places of the hair to reflect light and make it appear more full of body.
Aveda proposes Full Spectrum for hair coloring, with colors of natural derivation to 96%.

Do not forget that a layered hair cut helps give more volume to hair.


Photos: Matteo Campanella

Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray.

To create the 1980’s-style hairdo for Starless makeup look we used Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray to give hair more volume.

The first thing that struck us was its pleasing scent, as well as its performance.

Aveda uses a breakthrough pine resin technology that assures a strong hold without making hair heavy and at the same time allowing great flexibility.

The product could be sprayed many times along the hair lengths and directly onto the roots without worrying about any stiffening effects on hair. Hair maintained its volume and curls even in the days after, remaining soft.

As you know, Aveda has great interest in environment and compensates for the CO2 emissions associated with the production, transport and use of hairsprays by financing renewable energy.


Photo: Andrea di Silvestro
Make up: Melly
Stylist: Manu
Hair Style:  Aveda

Aveda Full Spectrum.

Custom color with a conscience

This is the slogan chosen by Aveda to advertise its new hair colors: high quality products and environmental respect.

In February, Aveda presented Full Spectrum Protective Creme Hair Color, a permanent professional coloring system 96% naturally derived. It guarantees color that doesn’t fade in time and that leaves hair shiny and soft.

It also assures a total coverage of white hair.

Furthermore, Full Spectrum renders it possible to customize each color since it works with primary and secondary pigments that artfully mixed can produce soft and natural colors or very intense and daring shades.

Moisturizing is guaranteed by using certified organic vegetable oils that ensure softness and incredible luminosity.

Full Spectrum colors are composed of:

  • castor oil, sunflower oil, organic coconut and Babassu: give hair shine and hydration
  • Corn: corn derivate that facilitates color rinsing
  • Green Tea: patented green tea extract to amplify color faceting
  • Red Roobos Tea: contains strong antioxidant that has color protective properties
  • Soy protein hydrolyzate: to protect hair against aggressions
  • Candelilla wax: makes coloring consistency denser and creamy, avoiding dripping

Aveda has always been interested in the quality of products used and in environmentally respectful methodologies for production.

Full Spectrum was produced with 100% eolic energy (Aveda is the first cosmetics company to use clean energy for production)

The packaging uses 100% recycled fibers including 77% of post-consumer recycled cardboard

Available at Aveda salons.

Topaz Pure color collection Spring 2012 Estée Lauder.

Beginning February at your favorite perfume store, you will be able to find the new Estée Lauder Topaz Pure Color with colors that give us a warm anticipation of next summer.

Tom Pecheux inspired himself during a vacation in Arizona and wanted to give us the hot colors of the desert: bronze, topaz, dove gray, golden yellow and peacock.

Pure Color Topaz Collection is a limited edition that includes eyeshadows, gloss, lipstick, nail enamel and illuminator.


Pure Color Tomaz Mosaic Eyeshadow palette is a palette that contains five soft and bold shadows.

The colors of the palette are: powder color, bronze, dove gray, brown (with red undertones) and at the center a pearlescent lemon yellow.

These colors create a glowing makeup with a classic or pop style. The yellow color can be used dry for a more luminous effect or wet for a more intense effect.
€ 50,00

The palette can be enriched with the Intense kajal, very bold and long-wear pencils that are easily faded and that are found in Dramatic Teal (turquoise green) and Dramatic Black.

These could be used to delineate eye contour and internal eyelid to be shaded all over the eyelid.
€ 18,00


Illuminating Powder Gelée is an illuminator not only for the face but also for the body. Tri-blend liquid, powder, gel formula in the Topaz Chameleon color gives skin a warm glow.

You can use the product dry for a sweet glowing effect on cheeks, temples, cheekbones, eyes, neck, décolleté, back, arms and legs.

Use it wet for a more decided and intense effect on eyes, cheekbones and cheeks.
€ 43,00


Lips light up with intense golden shine with Pure Color Gloss Citron Kiss, a transparent gloss slightly citron yellow with golden and pearled glitter. Long-lasting and moisturizing, can be used alone for a “kissed-by-the-sun” effect or over the lipstick for a more glowing
€ 25,00

Lips are also colored with the colors of the rocks in the desert with Sensuous Rouge Lip Color in three different shades: Sultry Caramel, Sensuous Nude and Sublime Nectar.

The package is new, the case is elongated and the texture is creamy with a soft heart, like a filled chocolate to give lips moisture and a voluptuous look with full color.
€ 26,00


Pure Color Nail Lacquer with green-bluish Teal Topaz color, reminds the color of kajal. We believe it will sold out.
€ 21,00

We feel like summer and you?

Aveda Color OptionsTM Eye Shadow Transformer.

Color OptionsTM Eye Shadow Transformer Aveda is a liquid and transparent oil-free product that contains no parabens, used to transform any powdery product into a creamy one, modifying not only the texture but also the color performance and duration.

Each color will result in an intense and long-lasting one.

The perfect product to obtain intense shadings but also to transform eyeshadow into eyeliner for eye contouring.

Pour a few drops on the back of the hand and moisten the brush. Pass it over the back of the hand to elminate excess and after picking up the shadow,  repass again on the back of the hand to obtain the adequate consistency.

The eyeshadow’s consistency shouldn’t be too liquid nor too powdery if used as eyeliner.

Apply it over the eyes and fade it well.

The shadow applied in this way does not pull the skin and remains unchanged for many hours without forming ugly stripes or cracks.

We used it for the Trilogy makeup look not only to transform the shadows but also the blush.


Photos: Matteo Campanella

Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing System.

Uranya has thick and strong hair. It tends to be straight but never gets perfectly straight and often the hair looks electrified.

This kind of hair needs nourishing, drying and mainly the usage of specific hair products for straight hair with non-aggressive shampoos and conditioners as well as moisturizing masks to apply periodically along the lenghts and on the tips. These products discipline and protect the hair from heat sources that render them dry.
Aveda’sDry RemedyTM Moisturizing System is an innovative system not yet patented (Deep Moisture Complex) that makes hair soft and moisturized for long.

It is made up of:

All products contain buriti oil, pomegranate and palm oil.

Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Shampoo has a creamy consistency, a golden yellow color with flowery perfume of  palmarosa, ylang-ylang, pink geranium and an accent of vanilla. It is enough to use a small quantity and immediately you will feel your hair moisturized even under water.
After the shampoo, use the conditioner Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Conditioner. Apply it on your lengths and leave it on for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

After using the shampoo and conditioner, the hair is very soft even when wet.
Once a week you can apply Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Treatment Masque. You have to extend it on your lenghts and leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse completely.
To eliminate the electrified effect it is important to use a little trick.

When you shampoo be careful about the water hardness, the limestone accumulating on hair that makes it opaque. Try to rinse with mineral water.
When you comb hair use a wooden brush that is more delicate and helps reduce the “electrified” effect.

When you dry hair, use an ionic hair dryer that emits ions that decompose the water deposited on hair in several microscopic drops that partially evaporate and partly are absorbed by hair. In this way hair is dried completely not only on the external layer but also inside in a fast way. Hair  is hydrated and electrified hair effect is eliminated. Don’t forget to blow air from top to bottom

Aveda Inner Light™ Mineral Tinted Moisture SPF 15.

Inner Light™ Mineral Tinted Moisture SPF 15 is the name of Aveda‘s mineral foundation.

Its formula is very fluid and its coverage is medium-low.
This formula makes the face look even, the skin becomes luminous and moisturized all day.

Merits? It is adequate for sensitive skins because its formula is paraben-free, oil-free and made up of natural ingredients such as licorice extract and rose that helps soothe the skin.

The skin stays moisturized, lasting even 8 hours after application. It is particularly good for dry skin.

During the day it is necessary to retouch it with some powder.

It is very easy to apply either with the fingers or with the foundation brush or the latex sponge.

You can apply different layers to increase coverage where necessary without giving skin that heavy look.
It resists and the skin does not lose luminosity when time passes.

To make the application even easier, Aveda has created the Kabuki Inner Light™ Foundation Brush with kabuki handle.

Its main feature is the angled brush head for creating even contouring around the nose and the internal eye zone.

Its bristles are synthetic, the handle is made of 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminum and  is housed in a protective organic cotton pouch that’s great for traveling.

Per rendere l’applicazione del fondotinta ancora più facile Aveda ha ideato il Kabuki Inner Light™ Foundation Brush.

La particolarità di questo kabuki è la sua forma angolare che permette di stendere con più facilità il fondotinta attorno alle ali del naso e nella zona vicino alla parte interna degli occhi. Le setole sono sintetiche, il manico in alluminio riciclato al 25 %.

E’ contenuto in un sacchetto di cotone biologico che lo rende comodo da tenere in borsa.


Photo: Matteo Campanella

Make Up product: Aveda

Pure Color Eyeshadow Estée Lauder.

Estée Lauder’s Modern Mercury Collection 2011 presents three new Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo.

From left to right:

Modern Mercury

Black Chrome


These colors blend with each other perfectly and were designed to emphasize the eyes with the elegance and style that have always characterized the brand name.

Particularly, the new shades created by Tom Pecheux are suitable for the winter tones and for the special occasions because they are very sophisticated with their shimmer and metallic texture.

The eyeshadows are long wear with decisive colors and smooth texture, and are very easily blended even with the fingers.

The colors are suitable for all women because they emphasize any eye color.

Platinums proposes a cream color with slight shimmer to extend all over the above crease and lid, used to create light points under the brow and inner lid. The other color is intense metallic beige with grey reflexes suitable for extremely elegant discreet smoky eyes or to emphasize the lid’s crease.

Modern Mercury proposes two greys, one is silver shimmer and the other is a more intense metallic grey with silver reflexes.
The smoky eye is a must but you can also use them to point out the eye outline or to create a sophisticated 60’s makeup.

Black Chrome is surely the most challenging and fascinating duo. Two black eyeshadows with different intensity and texture, only intense and matte and the other with iridescent silver straws.
Try to use it for the eye outline.
Create special smoky eyes applying the more intense, matte black in the internal part of the lid crease and the one with the brilliant straws over the external part of the lid allungating slightly the nuance towards the temples.

Platinums is the protagonist of Krystel make up look.

Uranya’s beauty routine.

Uranya has a very sensitive skin. The atmospheric changes and the stress provoke irritations and the skin becomes dry.

She must be very careful with the products she uses.

Her daily routine begins with face cleansing.

Each morning and evening, she applies All-Sensitive™ Cleanser Aveda rich with antioxidants which belongs to a product line dedicated to sensitive skins.

This light fluid cleanser must be applied on neck and face, except around the eyes and massaged with circular movements.

After rinsing, Uranya splashes water on her face at least 10 times. Serves to invigorate the face’s skin, tones and reactives the microcirculation.

As soon as the skin is dry we need to moisturize it.
For her sensitive skin, Uranya applies every morning and evening,
All-Sensitive™ Moisturizer Aveda, which is a light cream that soothes and moisturizes the skin thanks to the presence of aloe and oat.

To increase the benefits of the cream, Uranya applies it from the neck and moving up toward the face with movements from down to up. When arriving at the chin, the cream is extended with movements starting inward and moving outward.
Proceed from the chin toward the jaw, then from the nose to the ears and finish on the forehead.

This technique contrasts skin’s yielding and helps the skin to stay more tonic and elastic.

For extra moisturization, Uranya applies once a week Intensive Hydrating Masque Aveda.
It’s an oil-free mask, that soothes and refreshes the skin, thanks to a higher moisturizing surplus of aloe, algae and lavender. It has a calming effect thanks to the rose water. Apply it in a thick layer over face and throat, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Use it for 5-10 minutes, then remove with warm water.

To remove eye makeup, Uranya uses
Pure Comfort™ Eye Makeup Remover Aveda which eliminates even the strongest makeup from the eyes with extreme gentleness.
The soothing extracts of eyebright, cucumber and chamomile soothe and leave the area around the eyes with a pleasing sensation of freshness.
It is particulary useful for those who use contact lenses.


Photos: Matteo Campanella