Please write to  info@makeupcontest.it if you have any questions or doubts. We have prepared the following list of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) to help you!

Q- Who are Melly, Manu and Matteo?
A – We are friends.  Melly is a make-up artist and blogger. Manu is a journalist, blogger and stylist. Matteo is a photographer. This is Melly’s website. Here you find Manu’s website and Matteo’s website.

Q – What do you do in this website?
A– We propose looks to be “copied” and reinterpreted anew

Q – Why?
A – To have fun! We want other people, enthusiastic like us about fashion and make-up, send us their own personal interpretation of one or more looks, among those we propose.

Q – What should I do to show you how I make up myself?
A– Work on the make up trying to follow the track and having as reference the pictures of the Photogallery and tutorial. Take some pictures (one can be enough) or do a video of your personal look interpretation and send it to our e-mail address:    info@makeupcontest.it
IMPORTANT! In the body of your e-mail include your complete personal information as follows:
“By means of the present, I (YOUR NAME) (LAST NAME), born on (DAY/MONTH/YEAR) at (CITY), resident in (CITY AND ZIP CODE), (STREET AND NUMBER), authorizes the free publication of the images and personal information here included on the website http://www.makeupcontest.it , according to the law  D.Lgs 196/2003”.

– Besides my photo, will you publish my personal information?
A – No. We will only publish your nickname and, if you want to, the link that you will give us to your personal website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page.

– How much time do I have to send you the photos?
A – You have time until april 22, 2012 this is the deadline for sending your photos also about the first proposed make up look

Q – To create the looks and do the make up, do I have to use the products that you have used and described?
A – No.  We suggest them obviously because we have chosen and tested them. But if you want to use the ones you already have, you are free of doing so.

Q – I am ashamed of myself, I am not photogenic, I am not beautiful …
A – Nonsense!! To begin with this is not a beauty contest. The objective is to have fun together and share our passion for make up.
So, if you do not feel like allowing us to see your face, then make up your best friend, mother, sister, cousin or even your girlfiend or boyfriend (if he allows you to do so!).

Q – Why should I send my photo with the make up? What do I get from doing so?
A – The publication of your photo is free. If you would like to send us also a description of the make up you created and of the products used we will be happy to publish it with your nickname and any link you want us to publish (your website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page).
Learning to do make up, improving ourselves and looking better, sharing secrets and advice is already a victory! At the end of the Contest there will be beautiful surprises.

Q – Should I copy all the make up looks that are proposed?
A – Why not? We trust in your capacity and expect your creations! But if you do not feel like doing so, begin by working in one look only!.

– Do the photos must be like those in the Photogallery (similar clothes, accessories and shoes)?
A – We leave plenty of space for your fantasy. The important thing is that in the photos the face is clearly seen (first plane) so in this way it would really be useful and efficient to be shared with us and with your new friends at

Q – Is this a prize contest ?
A – No.  It is a funny way of exchanging tips, information, curiosities and news regarding make up.

– Is there a jury?
A – No. But we are available for comments together regarding the make up created, for giving you tips and suggestions to improve and value  the make up for your face as well as gossip about the 2011-2012 make-up trends.

Q – I am a boy…
A – The passion for make up has no gender and on the net there are many boys (both professional and non professional) that are very good in their work. We would be very happy to publish the photos of your creations.

Q – Will you publish all the photos?
A – No, we will not publish the photos with children. We will not publish photos that are considered offensive, indecent, undesirable and not according to our website policy.

This section is obviously in continuous update, in order to answer to all the questions not listed here.

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