How to get involved.

If you want to participate at MakeUp Contest and share with us your passion for make up, send us your personal interpretation of one or more proposed looks by means of photos, comments and/or description of the make up to the following e-mail address:

Please include in the body of your e-mail the following complete text with your personal information:
“By means of the present, I (YOUR NAME) (LAST NAME), born on (DAY/MONTH/YEAR) at (CITY), resident in (CITY AND ZIP CODE), (STREET AND NUMBER), authorizes the free publication of the images and personal information here included on the website , according to the law  D.Lgs 196/2003”

If you have a blog, a Facebook profile, YouTube channel, or website we will include your link: it would be a way to become friends and know each other much better. Do not be afraid, we won’t publish your personal information (not even your e-mail address) but only your nickname and eventually your web reference (website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page or any other on-line information you want).

The possibility of admiring your personal interpretation of the looks will give us the opportunity to share with you further information, suggestions and curiosities.

Our comments about your works will not be like those of a judge but instead like those of a friend. Remember the main idea is having fun together, learning from each other without being afraid of daring.

You have time until April 22, 2012 to send us your Make Up Look interpretations that will be proposed these months.
At this point,

  • take out your beauty case
  • make up yourself or do make up on your best friend, sister, mother, cousin or boyfriend (if he accepts!)
  • take a photo or get photographed when your look is finished
  • send by e-mail to:, writing on the body of your message the authorization for the publication on our website ; remember to include your nickname and link to your personal blog, YouTube channel, or Facebook profile.
  • Wait a couple of days and your photos will be online enriched with advice, news, and stylish details!
  • At the end of the Contest there will be many other surprises!

For further information, please check out the FAQ’s section.

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